Come see LaCornue

Check out the newest addition to our showroom. This is the La Cornue Château 150 Range. The Château 150 is the most popular Château range, a perfect balance of symmetry, design and function. With two standard vaulted ovens, one gas and one electric, the nearly 60″ unit offers eleven cooktop configurations to meet any culinary need. Technology in cooking has really come a long way. From cooking over an open campfire, to gas cooktops, to smooth glass electric cooktops, and now to induction cooktops that detect whether the pot is on the cooking surface and only heat where that pot or pan is. The technology doesn’t end there, either. From microwaves that speed cook, toast, brown and bake, to ovens that walk you through step by step, almost teaching you how to cook. We really have come a long way.