Counter Depth or Standard?

Are you in the market for a new refrigerator but unsure of whether to buy Counter depth or standard depth? Let’s break out the differences. According to Whirlpool a counter-depth fridge is designed to match the same depth as the kitchen counters, while a standard-depth fridge sticks out half a foot or more. If you are looking to renovate your kitchen or upgrade your fridge, they recommend measuring first to find out what dimension works best for your space. A counter-depth fridge is anywhere from 24-25 inches deep, while a standard depth is 30-36 inches. Counter-depth offers a more seamless, flush look, while standard depth gives optimal storage, perfect for large household.

Counter-depth refrigerators are becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason! Here are 4 of the top benefits:

1. Space Savings – A standard model refrigerator can jut out from your cabinet several inches, taking up valuable kitchen space. However, a counter depth fridge stays flush with your existing cabinets and counters, giving your kitchen more room to move around. This is ideal if you have limited space or want to maximize storage potential in your kitchen.

2. Sleek Design – Counter depth refrigerators come with a built-in look that complements any modern design scheme without the bulkiness of traditional models. The sleek look helps create an illusion of extra space and sophistication in any size kitchen.

3. Energy Efficiency – Many counter depth models are ENERGYSTAR certified, meaning they use less energy than standard models while still delivering superior performance and reliability — saving you money on electricity bills each month!

4. Easier Maintenance – Since counter-depth fridges do not extend beyond their cabinetry outlines you don’t ever have to worry about cleaning behind them like other styles might require; this means less time spent maintaining this appliance and more time doing what matters most!

Overall, if you’re looking for an efficient way to save on space without sacrificing style or performance then investing in a counter depth refrigerator is definitely worth considering!

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