6 Types of Range Hoods Explained

From the Whirlpool blog || Proper ventilation is essential for keeping your kitchen feeling and smelling like home. And you have options. You can choose something small and discreet that gets the job done or a powerful appliance that helps clear the air while being the centerpiece of your kitchen. This article will break down the different types of kitchen hoods to help you decide what will work best for your kitchen as well as your family’s cooking habits.

1. Undercabinet range hoods
These hoods can be installed under a cabinet and often vent through air recirculation, meaning they filter air then push it back into the kitchen. Despite their small stature, they still offer strong venting for day-to-day cooking. The slim design also means they’re discreet and allow you to use your over-the-range cabinets as valuable storage space.

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2. Wall-mount canopy range hoods
Wall-mount canopy hoods attach to the wall above and behind your range. They typically offer powerful venting for cooks who do a lot of frying, searing and sauteing on the stovetop. The bell-like shape replaces the cabinets above your range and usually funnels and pushes air out of the house.

3. Island canopy range hoods
The hoods are similar to wall-mount range hoods, except they hang from the ceiling over an island range. Island canopy hoods are finished on all sides so they look great no matter where you are in the kitchen. These statement-making hoods often offer strong venting capabilities and the latest hood features. Island canopy hoods typically vent through ductwork in the ceiling, but may also be available as ductless or convertible models.

4. Range hood liners
Range hood liners allow you to conceal ventilation within cabinetry, creating a style all your own. The ductwork is hidden inside custom cabinetry and the liner can simply be inserted in the bottom. Expect similar venting strength and feature availability as you would find in traditional range hoods. Some hood liners do not come with the hood blower so you can choose the venting strength of the blower based on your needs. Check to see if a hood liner includes the blower or if it is purchased separately.

5. Retractable downdraft hoods
Downdraft hoods are installed directly into countertops and vent air down into ductwork beneath the floor, though recirculating kits are often available. They are hidden in the cabinet space below the countertops then raised up when it’s time to cook. This type of range hood is ideal for kitchen islands or those who want to conceal their appliances.

6. Microwave hood combinations
A microwave can also be used to vent kitchen air. Microwave hood combinations can be mounted below cabinets so you can use over-the-range space for storage and free up countertop space. These space-saving appliances typically help clear kitchen air using recirculation rather than external venting.

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