How to Choose a Refrigerator

9 Things to Consider when you are shopping.

Looking for a new refrigerator, but are uncertain where to begin? You may feel overwhelmed while
buying a new refrigerator due to the wide variety of options available. From refrigerator
capacity, design, various widths, heights, finishes, handle types, door configurations and features,
there can be a lot of choices when it comes to selecting your new refrigerator. Not sure how to
choose a refrigerator?

Here is what to think about

  1. Which fridge size fits in my kitchen?
  2. What design and style works for me?
  3. What door configuration fits my needs?
  4. External or internal water dispenser?
  5. How much storage will I need?
  6. What design finish appeals to me?
  7. Is energy efficiency important to me?
  8. What perishables do I usually buy?
  9. What innovations are important to me?

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