Introducing the Viking 7 Series Dishwasher

Life’s tasks can seem like nothing short of relentless. Long days at work and school blend with afternoons and weekends spent navigating a myriad of scheduled activities. Pile-on meal prep or hosting small or large gatherings, and the last thing you’ll want to be thinking about is clean-up.

Luckily, Viking has you covered. A truly revolutionary product that redefines what is possible in terms of performance while simultaneously using the least amount of natural resources possible.

CornerClean™ Technology

The spray arm rotates on a movable axis. Jets of water continually move in more than just one fixed pattern, to completely cover every part of the dishwasher.

TripleClean™ Triple Filtrations

The innovative filtration system helps eliminate even the smallest food particles for clean water circulation.

Quiet Clean™ Performance

The superior performance package includes a brushless discharge and circulation motor and has three layers of unit insulation – bitumen, cotton, and full side walls engineered to create one of the quietest (39 dB) dishwashers on the market.

Open Air™ Drying Function

This new drying technology that unseals and slightly opens the dishwasher door after the program has finished. Ambient air dries dishes naturally without using any additional energy.

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