Is a Front Loader right for you?

If you’re in the market for a new washer, chances are you’ve come across front-load washers. Although they tend to cost more than top-loaders, there are several benefits of owning a front load washer that make them worth the extra cost.

Front load washing machine photo
  1. Front load washers are much more energy efficient than traditional top-load models. This means that you can save money on your electric bills each month by using less energy to do your laundry. Additionally, since most people fill their washing machines to capacity when doing laundry, the lower water usage associated with front loading can also result in significant savings on your water bill each month.
  2. Takes up less space in your home or apartment than a traditional top loader would. Since these machines typically stand about three feet tall and two feet wide, they require much less floor space compared to the full size models of old. Furthermore, because they usually come fully enclosed, this helps keep dust and dirt out of your washing machine chamber while also providing additional sound insulation from outside noise sources like passing cars or airplanes overhead.
  3. With its larger capacity drum size and corresponding longer wash cycle times compared to standard top loading models – along with its multitude of custom settings – front-loading washers offer homeowners an unprecedented level of flexibility when it comes to their laundering needs as well as convenience features such as delay start timers and auto balancing systems which help take some of the guesswork out of doing laundry day after day. All things considered, if you have been debating between purchasing either a traditional top loader or modern day high efficiency model for handling all your family’s dirty clothes needs then consider investing in one today! With its beneficial combination of energy savings over time through increased efficiency coupled with premium features that help simplify people’s busy lives; it’s easy to see why so many people everywhere have embraced this revolutionary change within their homes!
Front load washing machine photo

While front load washers offer some advantages, there are some disadvantages to consider before making your purchase.

  1. One of the big drawbacks to using a front load washer is that it can be difficult to both load and unload the clothes into and out of the machine. Front loading machines typically require bending down in order to access the drum, which can be an uncomfortable position for some people. Additionally, because of their size and design, these machines usually have smaller drums than top-loading ones, so it can take longer to do large loads of laundry as well as cramming items in or trying not to overstuff them by having too few items per cycle.
  2. Front loading washing machines tend to cost more than traditional top-loading models because they often come with higher energy efficiency ratings or more features such as steam cleaning or delayed start options which drive up their price tag even further. Additionally, since they do have more complex parts compared with traditional models replacing parts due to wear and tear tends is often pricier as well so keep that in mind if you’re on a tight budget when shopping around for new appliances!
  3. Generally not ideal for clothes with lots of stains. These types of washing machines are great for general loads but may not be ideal for heavily stained clothing due its lower water level capabilities which can make it harder for detergent and other cleaning agents reach deep into fabric fibers effectively without needing an excessive amount (which could waste resources).
  4. A top loader requires cleaning regularly. To keep your machine running efficiently you must remember perform regular maintenance on it just like any other home appliance such as vacuuming underneath them from time-to-time help reduce build up -causing odor problems later down the road; this also applies if there’s any water leakage at all! You should also wipe down inside surfaces (including seals) regularly with warm water mixed white vinegar once every two months or so depending how frequently use yours each day/week/month etc.

Overall when deciding whether or not buy one these types washers make sure weigh pros cons carefully before making any final decisions! Let the staff at CenWood Appliance help you navigate your shopping experience. Schedule an Appointment to learn more about front load washing machines!