New Freestanding Appliances

Food should be all about top quality and maximum enjoyment. Liebherr has made it their mission to continually develop new and better solutions to create optimal storage conditions for the widest possible varieties of food. For that long-lasting freshness, conserving those valuable vitamins and keeping food as tasty as the day you bought it. Fridges and freezers are used every day. This is why Liebherr develops freestanding appliances with optimum user-friendliness, clarity and versatility in mind – from the first time the door is opened right down to the smallest equipment detail.

A freestanding refrigerator and freezer offer numerous benefits that make them a popular choice for homeowners. Their standalone design provides flexibility in terms of placement, allowing them to be positioned anywhere in the kitchen or even in other areas of the house. This adaptability is particularly beneficial for those who frequently rearrange their living spaces or move residences. Additionally, freestanding units are relatively easy to install, requiring minimal modifications to existing cabinetry.

Drawers on telescopic rails
These highly accessible telescopic rails give you a drawer that is easy to open and close, even when full. All your groceries will be in easy reach.

SoftSystem soft stop mechanism
Thanks to SoftSystem, our doors always close gently, even when a little too much force is applied. This system is standard in the Plus series and upwards.

Ensures excellent clarity in the BioFresh safe. Perfect for storing small portions of fruit and vegetables.

VarioTemp enables the freezer compartment to be used as an alternative to the refigerator compartment at a temperature that can be set progressively between roughly 28 degrees and 57 degrees. This means that the freezer section can also be used as an additional cooling zone for snacks and drinks if required. Or as a cellar compartment for temperature sensitive foods such as potatoes, onions, etc.

This spring has its source in the fridge. The flush-mounted, integrated water dispenser is always there when it is needed and almost invisible when not. It is suitable for containers of almost any size, including carafes and bottle for water carbonators. The integrated filer system ensures perfect water quality.

The IceTower combines two large compartments – the automatic IceMaker and an additional spacious compartment.

Easy Open
Liebherr Freezers are easy to open even without a handle. EasyOpen technology reduces the force required to open the door by half with the aid of a new kind of door gasket and the new BluPerformance technology module. Simple, convenient and space saving.

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