New Thermador Induction Range

The All-New Pro Harmony® Induction Range from Thermador. No other range moves like this, cooks like this, or inspires like this.

Thermador range

Flexible Cooking Zones

Flexibility in Motion

Up to three extra-large cooking zones lend the utmost in versatility, letting you accommodate large or oblong cookware.

Thermador range photo

Heat Shift®

Power Control on the Move

Change power levels by simply moving your cookware without ever adjusting your controls. Perfect for going from sauté to simmer.

Thermador Range


Effortlessly Tranfer Settings

Take your cooking settings with you from one zone to another just by moving your cookware. Perfect for when you have multiple creations cooking at the same time.

Thermador Range

Full Access® Telescopic Racks

Easy Grip & Easy Access

Support the heaviest dishes up to three telescopic racks on the 36-inch model (30-inch models includes 1 telescopic rack) that expand completely for easier access.


A Powerful Time Saver

PowerBoost® increases heating power by up to 50% to heat cookware faster and bring soups, stocks, and water to boil more quickly.

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