Tips for Washer & Dryer Shopping from GE

You love your washer and dryer—but one day you’ll need new laundry appliances. What should you focus on when you shop? GE has the answers with these top tips to help you find the best washer and dryer.


Front-load vs. Top-load

Comfort, capacity, and space are the biggest considerations with top-load and front-load designs.

  • Comfort: Front-load machines may require more bending and reaching.
  • Inner workings: Front-loading washers use a tumble method versus an agitator; this may require less water but have a longer wash cycle.
  • Capacity: Front-loaders offer drums with a capacity ranging 4 to 5 cubic feet. Top-load capacity is reduced by the agitator. Any increased drum size and capacity equals a bigger machine.
  • Size: Traditional washers (and dryers) are 27 to 28 inches wide and 30 to 35 inches deep; height can vary. Plan for 6 inches of space between the machine and the wall and 1 inch between machines.

Pro tip: Before shopping, measure the doors and stairwells in your home to be sure a new machine will fit.

Term to Know: High Efficiency (HE)

While all front-load washing machines are high-efficiency (HE), some top-load machines—the ones without agitators—are HE models. Overall, most HE washers:

  • Use about half the water
  • Have larger capacities
  • Spin faster
  • May remove more water and cut drying time
  • Have a longer wash cycle (they’re designed to tumble-clean your clothes and rely on less water in the process)

Visit the GE Site to find the whole article and a link to a downloadable shopping guide.