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You can count on CenWood

Your customers are your business and when you refer them to CenWood Appliance you can rest easy that they will be in good hands. Our staff will go above and beyond to give them quality service throughout their entire appliance buying journey.


What your customers can expect:

  • Expert knowledge and experience
  • Products that suit their needs and budget
  • Unparalleled showrooms—see, touch and “test drive” appliances

We are at your service


Will you meet with our client before we plan the space?

You bet. We will meet with your homeowner either in our showroom or in the home to discuss their end goals and avoid any design pitfalls before they happen.

Project Examples

How will it look?

We can show your customers example of how their project will look based on jobs we have done in the past and with examples of fully operating vignettes in our showrooms.

Professional Contractor and Design Referrals

Will you refer me?

When homeowners come in many times they are looking for a builder or design partner. Let’s work together on their projects.

Product Demonstrations

Where can my customer see a demo?

Our two state-of-the-art showrooms are fully equipped to enable your customer to touch and see before they buy.

Technical Advice

What if my customer asks me something about a specific product that I'm not sure of?

We are available to your customer to ask any technical questions before or after the purchase.

Visit our showroom or call for an appointment today

Our staff’s collection of knowledge and experience allows us to provide technical advice, product demonstrations, installation and extended support after the sale.

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